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College Girl Wedgie

Recently, I was hanging out with some friends in their dorm room. This particular dorm room was a suite which had a main living room and then 2 bedrooms off the living room.  The suite belonged to 4 of my guy friends, Mike, Jared, Alex and Jason.

This particular day I was hanging out with the guys and there girlfriends, Jill, Sarah, Michelle and Nicole.  I had about enough of being the only single person with a bunch of couples and was just about to leave.  Luckily, my patience unexpectedly paid off when Jason, who was hugging Sarah from behind, let go of her and yanked her up by her thong.  She let out a loud scream and everyone stopped to see what happened.   He quickly let go but it was too late, she was mortified.   She ran with her hands cupped over her mouth into the bathroom.  The other girlfriends rushed over to the locked door, and after a few minutes of coaxing, got in. They were all in there for a while and we spent the time repeatedly telling Jason how dead he was. When the door finally opened, the other girlfriends came out and told Jason that Sarah wanted to speak to him. Jason went into the bathroom with the girls and got what was coming to him.

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